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Reliable A/C Service

Outstanding Pump, Coil, and Condenser Service

Mahanay's Heating & Cooling offers you quality residential and commercial air conditioning repair and installation service.

We do everything from routine tune-ups before the summer is in full swing (around the start of May) and filter changes to total A/C restorations and replacements. We offer quality products and services at a great price!
We'll ensure that your A/C's Freon pressures are correct and that the coils are straight and clean. This will prevent contaminants from leaching efficiency from your condenser and fans.

To keep your system performing at optimal efficiency and to prevent premature failure of your compressor, we'll thoroughly clean your A/C unit's coils.
Need Heating Maintenance?

Comprehensive Airflow, System, and Pressure Check

Proper airflow and Freon pressure are critical for your A/C unit's operation.

We'll check both of these factors, as well as other parts to ensure that you get a comprehensive system evaluation to ensure it maintains top efficiency through the winter months and ready to run smoothly when it gets hot outside.

We'll also ensure that your unit is moving enough air to efficiently cool your space. To this end, we'll use advanced techniques, including calculation of the unit load.
Duct Design Services

Complete Leak Repair and Refrigerant Recharge

We'll pressurize your A/C with nitrogen so that we can quickly find and repair any leaks. We'll then recharge the system to return it to top efficiency. This will allow you to avoid an expensive, unnecessary replacement!
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Comprehensive Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs

  • Central Cooling Repairs and Installations
  • Heat Pump Repairs
  • Leak Test and Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Freon Charges
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"Hard working, honest and as good as they come. HVAC problems are never comfortable, but Torey and his crew were fast, professional, clean and personable. This company is our go-to and should be yours, too." - Jill C., 5 stars via Facebook
A/C Tune-Up and Evaluation
$25 OFF
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